This is the sound Jupiter emits via electromagnetic waves. It’s so incredibly cool (10:00)

it sounds so sad and lonely

It’s beautiful

This is seriously so calming to me.

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Anonymous inquired Do you think that maybe, somehow the universe has something in store for us or is it all just a chain reaction/go with the flow sort of thing?

nah i just think it’s a go with the flow sort of thing, it is what it is.

Anonymous inquired You're a fucking goddess.

stop feeding my ego gah but thank you!

Anonymous inquired You're such a fine ass nigga n like Led Zeppelin which is sick from ur number 1 British chum oxoxoxoxox

thank you my anonymous British chum XOXO

Anonymous inquired ur so beautiful and perfect and im so glad u follow me on twitter >w<

thank you!

Anonymous inquired I'd fuck the shit out of you. ;)


Anonymous inquired You're really beautiful.

compliments like these feed my ego but eee thank you!

Anonymous inquired How tall are you?


Anonymous inquired Where are you from?

southern california